Go beyond tradition to preserve history


Corbinaia has a special history that mingle with the Rindi family. From this primordial bond rise the courage to break schemes and made this Villa near Florence an unique place of elegance and originality.

During the 70’ Edo Rindi decided to buy a property in the beautiful countryside surrounding Montespertoli. The property is made of about 40 hectares, situated at an altitude between 60 and 100 metres above sea level.
There is an hunting preserve, vineyards that produces a wonderful wine, olive groves and other typical plantations of this area.
He choose this property for his children, Monica and Brunello, to grow up and he passed on to them the love for these places, art and beauty.
As the years passed by, Corbinaia became the place where the brother and sister spent their leisure time – they call it the Party Villa – a place that gave to them new families and friends.
But Monica and Brunello know that Corbinaia deserves more: the memory of their father, who have loved and adored that place and for the sense of justice towards the beauty of the Villa.

So in 2003 they decided to convert their Party Villa in a Villa of Wonders that can be discovered and loved. Corbinaia became then the unique place that it is now.

The Villa became a castle thanks to its architectonic structure, a theatre because of its daring decorations, an unique place that enhances the natural beauty of the territory and its historical tradition but with an innovative approach, in order to go beyond a strictly traditional style.